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I have had fab results with Sarah! She listens to my concerns and works me through them. I am loosing weight and getting toned. 2 stone down this year, and for the first time, keeping it off! Thank you Sarah

Rebecca W

Sarah’s a great PT she’s flexible to your changing needs and great fun to have while you’re working out too. She’s got a great knowledge of nutrition too!

Bethan W

Sarah is awesome! I have an old knee injury which is flaring up and she comes up with a workout to suit me without putting pressure on my injury. She's a happy bubbly person who makes working out fun and not a chore. Her knowledge on nutrition is great too. I highly recommend.

Nickey G

Sarah is a real expert in nutrition and personal training and her enthusiasm is contagious. Sara’s knowledge  about fitness is astonishing. Her classes are entertaining, but same time she will give you instant feedback and support if there is any struggle. It’s not only the great advice she gives, she is very caring and make the exercise to suit your individuality. Even you are in classes it feels like you have a personal training session. I have lost almost stone in 9 weeks and I couldn’t wish for anyone better.

Lenka M

Sarah is a top top trainer. Fit, passionate and her own self disciplined recovery from pregnancy inspiring - her chats make the exercise fun! Little miss sunshine!

Cass H

BPM fitness is great because of the one to one attention you get. Each session is tailored to my specific fitness needs! Sarah is very knowledgeable and gets results! Really glad I joined! 👍

Sonita T

Sarah is a great personal trainer, she has really helped me after having my second child, with diet plans and tips on fitting in exercise with a busy family life.

Victoria S

I really recommend Sarah as a personal trainer!! Not only does she make the session fun but the sessions are also tailored to your own needs and you can’t find that in your average gym or class :)

Ellie E

The most driven trainer I know! the loveliest girl who will keep you going and push you to do more, wouldn't go for anyone else!

Juliet H

Thank you for your fantastic Peaches groups, which have helped to keep me happy and sane postnatally! I'll be sad to miss them now I'm going back to work.

Jane H

Sarah is a knowledgable and friendly personal trainer, who I really enjoy working with. Each session is different and is tailored to help me achieve my individual goals and get results. I thoroughly recommend her.

Suzi A

Sarah’s personal training sessions are really great and made a huge difference to my fitness. It’s so convenient that Sarah will to you for the sessions. There was progression during my sessions as I became stronger and even on days where I would feel unmotivated Sarah would get the best out of me!

Millie M

I wanted to do something for my physical condition. My problem was lack of free personal time that's why I could not attend any class. Then I found Sarah! She came into my house when I was available and she prepared exercises according my needs! Amazing! What can be better! She was always challenging me and pushed me to perform my best. I felt good after her session. Sarah gave me advices what to do when something hurt during exercising and recommended me special exercises. She is very knowledgeable in what she does. I really enjoyed the time spent with her, with my personal trainer. Thanks Sarah! I hope I find somebody as you in my new place!

Eva B

Sarah is such a patient caring trainer with lots of understanding when someone needs to take things slow. Love working out with her and the difference she has made is incredible x

Hayley W

It's run by such an amazing woman, who's all about improving your health and fitness. You will truly feel treasured under Sarah's care

Paige L

I highly highly recommend you give my awesome gorgeous friend Sarah a try. Her PT session is very competitively priced it is tailored to your aspirations and ability. She provides the right level of motivation and the right challenge while explaining how your body works. She is a mum of two kids herself and therefore understands how busy and unpredictable life can be. Sarah fits around your schedule and can do sessions in your home, in your garden or in a park. I love our Friday workouts and can’t recommend her enough. Please support a local mum business and get healthy

Sabina M

Sarah has an amazing energy that you can’t help absorb! Highly recommend

Cristina R