Bernard Street, St Albans, UK



1-1 Personal Training

  • £35 for a single session

  • £33 for 6+ sessions

  • £30 for long term, 3 months+

Small Groups (ideal for pregnancy and post-natal too)

  • £50 per group for a single sessions

  • £45 for 6+ sessions

  • £40 for long term, 3 months+

Private Exercise Class 8 - 50 participants

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What's included?

  • I come to you.
    • Don't waste your valuable time travelling when we can exercise from the comfort of your home, garden or local park.


  • I provide all the equipment.
    • The sessions aren’t just generic, they are focused on your individual goals and needs, even if you’re having group training. We can do all sorts of training types to reach your goal: weights, HIIT circuits, kettle bells, boxercise, Pilates, cardio and strength conditioning etc... the possibilities are endless.

  • Full Body analysis.
    • Your induction includes a full body analysis including body fat %, muscle mass etc, and a few tests such as posture analysis and strength so we can tailor your plan to optimise your training. We review these tests every 6 weeks to check on your progress

  • Free access to my outdoor fitness classes. (seasonal)
    • Joining a fitness class can be scary for some beginners, so why not come to a class with myself. It will boost your fitness levels between your personal training sessions as well as your confidence. 


  • Nutritional help and advice, plus meal plans.
    • I have an advanced qualification in nutrition, so can give you all the help and advice needed to get your healthy eating in order. I can also provide personalised meal plans for you at an additional cost.


  • Exercise videos.
    • Long term clients also receive exercise videos every 2 weeks. These are for you to do from home to boost your training between sessions and to get you mentally prepared to want to do exercise without the need for a trainer. 

Babies/children being present is not an issue. I run mum and baby/child fitness classes and I have 2 children under the age of 5 myself, so I am used to training both myself and clients with little ones needing cuddles and climbing all over us.

Also, I am usually working with clients in some of St Albans' teeny tiny town houses, so lack of space if not an issue. If you prefer to be outdoors or somewhere else we can do this too. As a qualified exercise to music teacher we can even have an aerobic class if that is what you prefer.